ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes App Reviews

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Even the start up takes too long to load. Too many ads

Worst network app out of all of them

Best app of all of the major networks!

This app is too-notch! I really enjoy being to watch my favorite shows on the go. ABC also posts new videos in realtime. For instance, a show that came on at 11am will be available by 2pm.

Freezes Constantly

Im never able to finish a show, the ads always freeze. If you try to close out of the show, you lose your place and have to start over, and once again the ad freezes. Also the app takes forever to open. Very disappointed

Needs work

This use to be a good app. Its great to watch my shows on my iPad, but they make it difficult to catch all new shows. They use to have whats new, now you have to search by theme to find a title. And even then you have to pass over shows that are sometimes 15 years old. The other TV apps have figured it out, put new episodes right in front. Again its great to watch shows, you just might miss a few or even a new show as its not easy to find and navigate.

Abc doesnt work for me!

Never ever works!!!! It used to work. I didnt even mind the commercials, but now it doesnt even work well enough to see "them". Advertisers take your business elsewhere cause your content isnt able to be viewed!

All my shows

App works good watch your ahows on the go

Great App

I havent had any issues with the app. Ive been using the app for a few years now.


Never work on my iPad every time I try to open it, it keeps saying "Oops something went wrong!"

Unable to verify provider

No matter what I did, the app would not recognize my song in for my tv provider. I checked my username and login on the providers website and both worked fine but the app would not sign me in. Frustrating to say the least.


The commercials freezing makes shows unwatchable. Commercial freezes, have to close the app and start all over again, watching all the commercials over again. I cannot get through a single 40 minute episode without this happening at least once and after having it happen 4 times in one show I deleted the app. ABCs shows arent good enough for me to suffer through that amount of frustration.

Great app

This app works good on my iPad.

Why is this app so bad

I get caught in a loop from the beginning. The music plays over and over until randomly the app will move forward. Commercials play over the show - its a mess. How can a major network have such a bad app?

Really good when works

I can get about half way through an episode and then it will just lock up during the one of many commercials and I have to start over again. It is very frustrating. When I first downloaded it a couple of years ago it was excellent w hardly any issues but w apples updates n such it just cant keep up. I will not get rid of this app on the hopes that there will be a fix for some of the bugs and the fact that it is the only way I get to watch one of my favorite shows. Keep plugging away.

ABC App.

Love it!! Its great!! Hate all the commercials!!

this isnt about the app but about abc

First of all getting to use your app is a puzzle of its own and way to difficult than it needs to be and second of all, your horrible adds spam me and they have annoying sound on them and it is very disturbing to me your adds dont make me want to watch your tv programs


Constantly freezes and then you have to start program completely over. Like that you dont have to sign in but definitely needs fine tuned. Too many commercials

About time

It took forever to finally get in to ABC. I was always getting a error code and it never let me in. Im finally able to watch ABC, if only CBS didnt charge things would be good. But most of my favorite shows are on ABC. 11-08-2016 Still enjoying my ABC apt. Still get the shows I want for free. No complaints


ABC app opens but nothing happens. All I see is the logo.

A reasonable option if you have no choice

Given the number of commercials I have to endure I would expect better quality from this app. Too often are the commercials audio still playing once the television show returns. Im also not able to resume at the same place I ended before taking even a brief break

Problems interfacing with Chromecast

This app is very hit-and-miss with its support for Chromecast. Its supposed to be supported, but each update you essentially roll the dice and see whether it works or not. This latest update doesnt cast correctly, at least on my iPhone 5s. Hopefully, future updates will work better.

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