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Very buggy

I love being able to watch ABC shows on this app but the stream freezes during the commercials and then you are stuck and have to start all over again. Its very annoying.

Too many issues

I had hoped the last update would have corrected some of the problems but it only got worse. Freezes during commercials and you have to completely shut down the app. Sometimes the show might restart where you left off but not always. Commercial audio keeps playing over the show audio now. Almost giving up on watching ABC all together.


This app needs ton of work. It freezes way too often, sometimes the volume goes out. Its horrible as of now.

Love this app

This is a great app for me to catch up on my shows that I miss but it freezes a lot and when it start up again you have to start the show all over again

Thank you ABC


Its ok

Love it great to watch but hate all commercials mine as watch regular tv and hate if I go out have to go back to the beginning

Bad app

Too many commercials and I havent finished an episode without having to restart the app


Buffering commercials freeze then I have to start from beginning. Then watch all the commercials again.

Recently started crashing

I cant recall if this happened before my ios9 upgrade but the app crashes during commercials. Then I can start it back up and go until the next group of commercials. But I can still watch what I want on the go, it just takes a little more effort. UPDATE: in the most recent version I frequently hear a commercial in the audio along with the show. This happens right after a commercial break. If I pause the show and wait until the commercial audio finishes all is well.

Crappy Appy

Big waste of time. Stalls and cannot watch an entire program. Disappointment!!


App will let you watch half of the episode then slow down and freeze during commercials and the show. Normally after watching one episode it will not work again. I always get a pop up that says "oops sorry, something went wrong, need to re-authenticate" no matter how many time do click retry it keeps popping up with the same thing. Could possibly be an great app if it didnt crash every time I used it.


Its the best, when catching up on missed shows .

One of the best

Awesome!!! Works fabulous, I have never had problems streaming any of the shows. Highly recommend getting this app.


Horrible app it stops playing 3/4 the through I stopped watching ABC Get it right

Great shows, not so great commercials

I love being able to watch my shows the next day, but the same commercials play way too frequently. I also really dont like that the live tv option isnt available in my area even though I live in a pretty major metropolitan city.

Show times

Would be nice to have the show times for the ones that are airing! Or at least provide todays schedule somewhere on the app!

Crappy programming

I echo everyone elses complaints about ads freezing, having to sit thru ads again to find place, etc. could you hire the programmers from NETFLIX please? They at least know how to save your place when you lose connectivity. No excuse for this lack of competence.

In Love With It!!!

So easy and accessible!

Commercials, commercials and more commercials.

This app is terrible. Expect 6 commercials, every 5 minutes of video you watch. Irrelevant, outdated form of entertainment.

Abc app on iPad

Works for me. The previous day shows are always available, no interruption.

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