ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes 应用的评论


Way too many commercials!

This app will forever etch in your brain to record ABC shows on your DVR unless you want to watch SIX ADS at every break! PAINFUL!

Stop the changes

Every time they change the app I have more issues. Like at the end of a program it gets small so it can start you on another program that probably you don’t want to watch! Also if you watch at work and have small bits of time to log on, it doesn’t keep your place as before you have to go back into the app again. Also if you back up the program you get the same 6 commercials you just recently saw. I do like the back 10 sec button though to give some positive feedback. Thanks for listening!

Great app

I love this app because it lets me watch all the shows I want whenever I want. I think they could improve the amount of commercials and have more versatile options. But overall this is a great app.

ABC app

Had trouble with it working so contacted support and they straightened the problem out. They were very prompt with they're actions. Though I haven't used it this summer I'm pretty sure everything is okay. If not I'm sure support will solve it. Everything is working fine now. Give it 5 stars. It's better than any other TV app I have 10/13/18 Ever since upgraded to 12.01.? Lost cc on tv channels. You have no way of turning it back on. Please fix it, to have a place to turn it back on would be nice. Thank you.

Oops message

For two weeks now, since I had no choice but to update the app, I get an Oops message when trying to start any show. I've seen many reviews on this and wrote one when I first noticed this. How does an update make the app not work, and why is this not fixed yet for such a big company? I want to be able to watch my shows, I'm starting to get very frustrated! Out of al the big local stations pops to watch shows, this one is the worst!

Won’t connect

App keeps saying I am not in the US and won’t connect. Problem occurred after updating the app. Very frustrating.

So terrible

How could such a big company have such a bad app. Doesn’t track where you are in the show and makes you restart the entire episode several times

Casting Issues

Constantly get “AdobePass is not allowing the user to cast” when trying to use ChromeCast


Too many repetitive commercials

No live feed in my area !!!!

Downloaded for live feed, said oops no available

Still Garbage

Signing up is relatively easy. Problem begins when it asks you who your IP is. (NO OTHER APP CARES). From then on, it tells you everything is great and you can watch shows, until you actually go to watch shows. It then gives you errors blaming your provider, even though EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS.

Issue with TV provider

I had previously downloaded and used the ABC app with my optimum information, but I no longer have that. I have changed TV providers and would like to put my new information, but even though I clicked to log off, it only allows me to enter optimum information, which I no longer have. There’s no option for me to choose a different provider. I have tried to uninstall and re-install the app, and nothing has worked. Currently unable to watch anything 😕

Love the app but....

I love that I have these shows that I’ve loved for years available to me. The only problem I have is that I can’t just pick up where I left off. It starts the episode completely over.

Hasn’t Expanded Live TV

Come on! In all the years this app has been around, you haven’t expanded live TV beyond the first five cities at launch, and has not expanded live TV beyond Direct TV. It seems ABC sold itself out in an exclusivity contract. Get out of the exclusivity and expand Live Streaming to everyone!

It’s only okay

Too many ads

Captured audience!

I’m in the hospital recovering from surgery. So thought I’d miss my favorite shows, so downloaded the app while at home, hoping this would work in the hospital. AND IT DID! Got to see the AMA’s, if I dosed off due to meds, I could catch up later. Saw my GMA, & GMA DAY, & evening shows. This app is great when forced to be away from home. In the hospital you’re always getting interrupted, so you miss stuff when watching live. Thanks ABC👍🏽

Closed caption

What’s the deal ABC? Two weeks ago the update to the most recent version messed up the closed captioning. I wrote a review about it shortly thereafter. No fixes...this is something I rely on as a hearing impaired individual. When will it be fixed? Totally unresponsive.

ABC app

So frustrating when you using this app. The commercials get hung up and go nowhere. The next step closing the app and starting over again. Sometimes when beginning to watch a show it will begin with a commercial and you can hear in the background the show starting. This doesn't count the app quitting whenever. I have not experienced any of these problems when watching any other network app and I have them all on my iPhone and my iPad. Good luck fixing these problems. Also I get a message when wanting to view a series saying Oops no content. What’s going on????

Many problems

Great app and I love so many of the shows on here however whenever I try to watch any show or any clip/episode it just says (oops...) and doesn’t say how to fix it. And I’ve tried to fix it I go on WiFi then off I deleted the app and redownloaded it and still the same problem.


I wanted to simply watch Carrie Underwood’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel. So I go in and FF the show and had to sit thru 5 ads, so 2.5 minutes. I just laid my iPad on a table and didn’t watch a single one. The app went to far and cut her performance so I went to slide it a bit to the left to rewind and this stupid lame app then tried to make me sit thru 6 FRIGGIN ADS!!! If you think I am going to waste over 5 minutes of my time so you can charge Target $$$ you’re crazy. I will go watch on YouTube for free. I deleted your stupid GREEDY app and will never use it again!


It’s pretty ridiculous that I couldn’t watch the AMAs because you don’t support midco as a tv provider but were promoting it

No LIVE streaming 🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

This app is great. However, it’s disappointing I cannot stream live. I really want to watch How to Get Away with murder while its on to avoid spoilers. 🙄 so for that I technically take 2 stars ⭐️⭐️ back and give 3 star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Uninstall / Reinstall every time I want to watch.

Every time I open the app, it shows the ABC logo, but never displays any options to watch something. If I uninstall and then reinstall, with the first launch it allows me to login and watch something. If I leave the app, to get it to play again I have to again uninstall and reinstall. I can stream a show with that one go around. Thus the reason it didn’t it only 1 star.


Just downloaded and expected to get the movies like 25 days of Halloween/Christmas

Not supported in area

How is this app not “supported” in my area.

App is AWFUL!

We cut the cord and had PS Vue & Hulu... and now our new apartment requires us to use a cable company and therefore we have to use to app to stream shows we missed. the app quit playing at the last three minutes of an episode and now just says “oops” whenever I try to play another episode of anything. GARBAGE.


Logged in using my cable provider info. It unlocks but has an error so I can’t watch anything. Trash app.

New app

It updated a week or so ago. The episodes will not pause. When you try to stop and come back later it starts over completely. My suggestion is if you start something you better be ready to watch the entire thing. Very disappointing and wastes a lot of my time.

General Hospital

When I miss the show that day I’m so glad I don’t have wait 3 days to watch,, before the next day is on ,,, Thank you so appreciated Now move fast on Michael’s Baby


It’s not loading. It looks like a spinning record when it first opens and is repeating the ABC logo bt never loads. I came here to watch DWTS. Please fix asap

Too many ads

The only thing keeping it from a 5, is there are too many ads.

Love the app

Only downside too many commercials and you need a TV carrier

ABC app

I just want to go to the app see a full weeks schedule of all shows right in front and times. So I can watch immediately not fumbling around to know what day and what time.

App hardly ever works correctly

Use this app to watch a few shows and almost always have a problem. Watched last week little problem, but this week says I need to log in to tv provider and when I try, just says “ooops”! Tried reinstalling 10 times. Not the first time it’s happened. Hardly ever updates. Maybe they need to look at the problems and update more often.


Does not matter which city or town I am in, constantly says not available for live tv.

Not in my area

It doesn’t work in my “area” but only sometimes

It says I’m not in the U.S. even though I am

So. I keep trying to watch episodes but it tells me I’m not in the United States and therefore I can’t watch the shows, however I AM in the United States so this is very very frustrating please fix this.

Not supported

The app is not supported in my area but I don’t have an issue with any other cable app. Need to make it available in all locations

App isn’t the same

Since the latest update the app will not load. It loaded once for me and that was to sign in. I watched part of a show closed it out to finish later and since then the app never loads. I don’t know what’s going on but this is really annoying, so much for a big fix. I think it has more problems than it did before.


I am unable to watch any shows on this app. When I select an episode, I simply get an error message that says “Oops!” Fix this!!!

Doesn’t work. “Oops”

All I get when trying to pull up a show is “Oops”. It’s been like that for at least the past week.


Is a good television station

Good job ABC

Really enjoy being able to catch up my devices!

Needs some work

Why does the app close if you stop a show for a few minutes? Then you have to start everything all over again. Seems like with the new startup is when this started happening!

Live TV

No live tv in my area have to wait to watch shows not liking that

Doesnt work

The app doesn’t load.. just keeps spinning on ABC logo

ABC app review

I love I can watch from anywhere but I hate it when watching an episode and you have to walk away or close the app you can’t fast forward to where you left off in the episode

Can’t watch anything

Used to love this app...until the update! Now I can’t watch any of the shows and get an “oops!” message when I try to log into my TV provider

What happened

I love having abc but mine always says oops something went wrong and can’t get in, major bummer

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