ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes App Reviews

No Live Streaming in my area??

What the what?? After 2 years and still no live streaming? Weren’t you one of the big 3? ABC you’ve slipped to the bottom. Guess I’ll be un-installing again. Have you read your reviews, your network app is thee worst.

I like the app but...

Way too many commercials especially when you have to login with a provider.

Good Doctor

I love watching my favorite show and I was on Hulu and the ep. we skipping so I came to ABc and the best thanks

Not Working on AppleTV

Works fine on other devices, but recent update has caused it to error out on AppleTV making it useless on the TV

Too many commercials!

Please limit them!

Can’t watch even when a cable subscriber

I’m not sure why the networks have to block shows. Is it the money provided by the cable companies??? They don’t get enough from advertisers already? 18 minutes of show & the rest commercials. Why does everything Disney touches cost an exorbitant amount of money? Greedy much?


Great. not too many ads. All my favorite shows

Watched All episodes missed

I was able to watch The good doctor finally. I work on the nights it’s on. Thank you!!


As a bust traveling professional, I rely on the abc app to catch up on my favorite shows. The app works great every time.


As long as I can watch my General Hospital it's great for me


Great job keep up the good work


Excellent !


The app is almost unuseable with having 6 commercials every couple minutes the whole point of streaming a show is not to deal with cable providers commercials and ABC and jam packed them I’m not against no commercials I realize it’s a business with not monthly fee on the APP but I already pay my cable company to have ABC and than they jam pack their streaming app I will boot be using anymore because of this hopefully it will change in the future but for now nope rather use a free website to watch the shows

I travel

A lot!! Great app to have on the road


My app keeps crashing when I start a show

Too many ads!

What a great way to watch my shows! Too bad there are way too many ads!

Sign in problem

I tried signing in with my provider info and it’s saying my info doesn’t match their records. Yet my info hasn’t changed EVER. ABC app is the only one giving me problems.


I don’t know who’s fault it is but at&t (owners of direct tv) had no solution. I am now unable to sign on to watch shows. Please get together with them to figure out what the problem is.

Was great

You can’t use screen mirroring anymore 😢


Wish it didn’t use so much data, and that shows were more accessible

Commercial problems

The commercials get stuck in a loop a lot if you pause a show and come back to it or rewind. You will watch 6 commercials and then the same 6 commercials will start immediately over. You have to close at the app and open again to get it to stop. Very annoying. Lately commercials have been starting in the middle of dialogue on a show as well. It’s very frustrating.

Works most the time.....

The few shows I had under “my list” are now all gone but if I try to add a new show to the list it says it’s added but then I go to see and there still isn’t anything under my list of shows. Another issue this app is having is I can’t watch anything without it freezing up and saying “oops something went wrong” My connection to the internet is great so I know it the app not my phone. Truly frustrating when your trying to watch news and the app keeps freezing then restarting and so on! I can’t even make it through one show OF ANYTHING please fix this bug 😁

Rockin App

Love the ABC app. Watching my favorite shows is easier. But, the best feature is FINDING my favorite shows! You can't watch what you can't find. ABC's app is well laid out and finding great shows is easy peasy!

Could be better

I think these app deserves only two stars because it never let me watch the last episode of my tv show even though it had been aired for a couple of days.

What's wrong with this app

When I went into MyList non of my shows where there, so I touched the menu option and saw that it had logged my out. On the password section it said expired. Logged into the app and MyList was empty. I chose a show to see if it had a check on the upper right corner it did. So...why didn't any of my shows appear on MyList?

Great programs and easy to use!

Love it!

Not Working

I have the IPhone 8 Plus. This app worked on my phone previously. Now I can’t get it to work. It just keeps saying oops error.

Good Doctor

This is a great series I love it!!

Great app, but needs an update.

This app is well designed, easy to use, and has been no problem for me in the past. However, with my upgrade to the iPhone X, It has become an issue that this app hasn’t had an update in a bit. On the iPhone X, there is a gesture that replaces the home button which involves swiping up from the bottom of the screen. In many apps, there is a small white bar on the bottom of the screen that indicates where to swipe from. However, in games or apps involving watching videos of any kind, this bar is hidden, so as not to be distracting. Unfortunately, this app does not hide the white bar at the bottom of the screen while a video is being watched, and it is distracting and intrusive. I hope it will be updated soon.


This app contains too many advertisements.

Suddenly stopped working with HDMI cable

I have use this app for quite a long time to watch shows that I missed on the original air date. I plug my iPad into my TV via a lightning to HDMI adapter. Now all of a sudden, I get an alert that I can’t watch the show unless I turn off screen mirroring. Now this app is all but useless for what I wanted to do.

I love the Quality of the images

Good work, I enjoy the app and the moments that it allows me to watch the shows I like when The rest of the family doesn't share tv time

Looking st connection

Love the show choice hate the commercials!! And the topper is, dropping the app!!!!!

To many commercials

To many commercials


I live in the Washington DC metro region and can’t live stream I would understand if I lived out in the country but in DC and no live streaming available ABC should be ashamed of this app I am.

TV schedule???

Still waiting on the update to bring it back, why did they ever take it away

Tv provider

I enter my information and it tells me wrong info. It has worked the last few months now it won’t work. Not happy. I deleted the app and reloaded it to see if it helped and sure didn’t.

Get with the new format!

Functionally, there is nothing wrong with this app; you can watch current and past episodes and it integrates well with Apple’s TV app. My gripe is that it has not been updated to take advantage of the new screen on iPhone X. Not only is it letter boxes, but the “home bar” does not fade when watching video so you are left with a bright white annoyance the whole time. That’s all!! Get the app, but be informed it has some flaws.

ABC Mobil

Great app! Watch your favorite shows anytime!



Limitlessly slow

I can’t watch my favorite shows the same day they aired, and sometimes even a week later. I can’t be at home in front of the TV so watch with my phone. This just takes far too long to wait to watch my shows.


I’ve read through reviews and found I’m not the only one with this issue. My username and password are correct. This started with the new iOS update and apparently the ABC app must not be updated enough to grant PAYING customers the access to utilize the apps full content. Shameful.

Ads repeating

Hard to watch your shows when the set of 6 ads just goes back to the beginning instead of starting the show...

Less commercials

Shows are really good but there is way too many commercials in each episode... it gets really annoying

I can never use this app

I always get errors when using this app. Not a authorized user error, but I am. I can go straight to and sign in and watch. Yes my app is updated!


I’ve noticed that when using this app I’ve seen more commercials compared to normal tv or watching television at home on my desktop

Menu ONLY iPhone X support??

So you update the app to support the iPhone X screen, but ONLY for the menu and player interface?? Really?? You complete ignore the BUILT-IN video zoom functionality of the device?? People didn’t buy this larger screen to watch black bars down the side! Unbelievable. I can’t believe Apple is being this lax on who and how their new device is being supported. The amount of apps with no support, or half-baked support, is asinine. Get a clue.


No problems with app.

Can’t watch all episodes

You take off episodes so you can’t watch the full season as you claim, so now you have wait almost a year just to watch a season because the episodes “expire” they don’t even have reruns on the tv.. I pay for the tv service for a reason

Still no live tv in Hollywood Fl, all major networks has.

Still no live tv in Hollywood Fl, all major networks has.

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