ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes App Reviews


I’ve experienced several glitches with this app. Several times the show will freeze if I try to pause it, or rewind. The audio will cut out sometimes too and I’ll have to restart to try to fix this issue.

If You Like Ads This is the App for You

The worst. I though CBS was bad, but ABC is worse. The site crashes constantly and if you are able to log on again, you'll be directed immediately to a line-up of six ads. More than likely the site will crash again during the ads, but you may get lucky and get a glimpse of about 30 seconds of an actual program ... But then the site will crash again and the process will start all over. Not worth the bother.

ABC Sneaks In More Advertising

Honesty Why Would ABC shows how many Ads that they insert than advertising by how many numbers they Run? From shrinking the screen size of advertising of two of their ads and not counting those as well from their regular full screen ads? For instance, 1-4 bottom left. Then they insert 2more ads but those ads are not full size but they don't count! That is a total of 6 ads instead of 4!😡 Shame on You ABC!

Worst TV app!

Upset over the time wasted downloading this app. Being that it’s 2018, I don’t have a TV provider. Wouldn’t bother trying to watch TV on my mobile devices if I did. The CBS All Access app is much better!

The View

Tired of the mean spiritedness. Deleted the app.

Not working

I just got the app and no show will load. It keeps telling me “oops.” That’s helpful. 😏

App crashes, freezes when watching live

For the longest time I thought I was having bad WiFi connection causing this app to freeze or crash when watching live, but recently tried other apps and watched their live streaming with no issues or problem. Very disappointed with ABC.

Absolute Garbage

The App matches ABC as a company.

Love My ABC App

Thank goodness for this app. So love be able to watch all my shows if I missed them of if I want to rewatch them!

Mediocre at best.

I attempt to log onto this app a couple times a day. Half the time it tells me it is not supported in my area even though I am at the exact same position behind my desk. Perhaps they need to get some 12-year-old to write the code for that's so weird works each time.

Problems with live streaming

I use this app all the time to live stream but since the last update it tells me I’m all set up to watch but it won’t go off of that screen. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Please fix!!!!

No live tv

Ok I’m willing to watch commercials, so why not allow me to watch live tv ? This just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m in an area where an antenna will not work, but I have wi-fi. NBC appletv app is live, so I guess you lose ABC.

To many ads

So many comercials🤦🏼‍♂️


Pausing is a issue

Newest update stinks

Prior update worked great. After updating the app to newest version constant buffering, cast drops and app is unstable. And it’s not just me!!!

Frustrating app

This app is very frustrating to use. It constantly kicks you out or freezes on a screen. While watching a program, I will have to get back in 2-3 times. Please fix this.

6 commercials?!?!

I’m definitely uninstalling this after I watch the one show I’m trying to muscle through. It’s also technically 7 because one commercial is technically 2. No way. Not in this day and age am I going to tolerate that many ads when watching my shows. I’ll just wait till you guys put it on Hulu.

It’s okay

The constant ads are very annoying.


App is always crashing, slow to get back on track with a show, it repeats 12 more commercials when you try to find the area in show the app crashed in. Do not like new design. True... but still like the when goes automatic to the next show.

Too many commercials! Too many freezes!

In relation to other network apps, the abc app has too many commercials during one show period. Additionally, the abc app does not offer you the option to interact with the commercials, nor does it give you the option for a 30 second commercial. Furthermore, the app continues to freeze with the rebut taking you back to earlier scenes, so you are forced to rewatch parts you previously seen. Due to these issues, I have stopped watching abc shows in total- on the app and on network television.

I think

Terrible app!!! Negative 5 stars!!!! And doesn't even let me post this review!! I didn't touch the stars does it on it's own NEGATIVE 5 !!!!!!!


6-9-18 it was a REAL pleasure to stream GH without having to select your commercials! BUT today, back again!!! Can’t you just put a box to check saying please don’t show again. Such a waste of our time. As previously stated, just show the commercials. Every time I’m asked to make the selection today, I get “Opps, something went wrong”. I then have to close the app a restart. CRAZY! 4-22-18 PLEASE—Just run the ad & not keep asking which ad : interactive or regular. Most frustrating to have to get the phone (especially when I’m in my wheelchair) when streaming. Just run the regular, the other is often longer & you waste so much time! 4-9-17WHAT IS GOING ON W/this App???? Trying to watch the View & you have commercials, Disney Parade & other programs running in the background!!!! 3-26-17 I DON'T understand why this app is even offered to us!! I use it, even though way too many commercials & REALLY "BIG" bug problems! It is not really user friendly but again today it won't let me on--says not in my area,oops! WTH, I have it in my area. Why can't you FIX it!!!

Cuts to Commercial on Pivotal Point of NBA Finals Speech

Thanks for cutting to a commercial when watching NBA Finals acceptance speech.

Trash app!

Can’t use it based on my location. I’m connected via WiFi and not cellular network! It’s just a simple internet stream... What’s the point of this garbage! FAIL!!!!


This app is trash you can’t even stream if you have a subscription with your cable provider!!

One question

Dose abc has the walking dead?.


The app is terrible , every time I try it , it says null and never streams live . Save your breath and time ✋🏾


Ive been watching shows the oast couple of days and every time im watching something it will freeze and restart tobit home page and its very annoying im wasting time on this app trying to watch stuff. Please fix!!

Cable companies WIN again

So you updated the app for AppleTV and iPhone, but you're still going to make people sign in to their cable TV provider to watch your FREE TV service that is broadcast over the air... so terrible. Your stations are supposed to be free. They always have been. That's why you have advertisers. Paying for cable doesn't change that either. In fact, it ADDS more advertisements to the consumer. If you're reading this and you have cable, you are getting ROYALLY screwed over. CUT THE CORD! The more people who do it the quicker we get rid of the middle man! Cut your cord people! Stop paying utterly ridiculous cable prices. ABC / Disney doesn't care what their customers want. They care about MONEY. People do not want to pay for TV. The baby boomer generation will cease soon and all cable company subscriptions will diminish. In addition, as soon as sports networks decide to cut ties with the cable company, there will be no more of this nonsense signing in to a cable provider to view content. I hope Fox does it first so ESPN (Disney/ABC) is forced into it. It will be a happy day for all! ABC, get out of bed with the cable companies. They are the newspaper of this generation (going... going.... GONE) For now, I'll just sit back and enjoy the TENS OF THOUSANDS of negative reviews. ;)

App not loading

Just started yesterday afternoon the app won’t liad


Pointless to cover nba finals and don’t even allow direct tv customers to stream !! Satellite knocked out from getting roof re done and wouldn't allow me to stream what I pay for !! Garbage app, NBC sports let me get all of my hockey game!! Didn’t even need to log in just give tv supplier!! Go Caps!


I can’t watch anything. I have spectrum cable. Signed in with my login info, and can’t watch tv. This app is garbage. I deleted it.

No Live TV

Can’t watch live TV through Dish so this app is almost useless to me. Can only watch reruns of shows and movies with lots of ads.

What's going on?! 😡

Everytime I open app, it keeps telling me "oops you don't have internet connection" this is on full LTE and full wifi. I've tried deleting and reinstalling app and hasn't worked. I'm trying to watch the NBA finals and this nonsense keeps happening. Please fix asap. FYI I'm on iPhone 8 plus with latest firmware.

Live stream is awful

Live stream doesn’t work on RCN or Optimum! Get real!


The app was pretty decent until this last update. It would have very few issues. Now I can’t watch anything because it thinks I’m out of the country. (Yes, I turned on my location, force closed, and deleted the app and reinstalled) I’m in Texas not out of the country 🙄

Save The Chew

Sooop sad the Chew was not picked up. My favorite cooking show. Save the Chew.


I’m absolutely disgusted with this show now! Used to be a big fan but the discrimination against white people is disgusting! The very monster you are against, you have become! Your show should be cancelled. So wrong. Get a clue! Your show is totally racist!

World news gone

World news disappeared with latest update. Please bring back ASAP.


Easily the slowest app on my very new Apple TV. Why should it take almost a minute just to load up, then another near-eternity for live tv to begin. Terrible. Update: the only app on my Apple TV that crashes, freezes, and starts shows only after about half a minute wait. What a Mickey Mouse organization.

Annoying, but I wanna finish my show!

It’s constantly crashing or freezing. Also way too many commercials, compared to other network apps!


If you feel like watching shows days late just go on YouTube instead

Great app

App is great buh do something about this ads 😣😣 it’s xo annoying


Why is it that you only can watch in a select few of cities 🖕🏾.

Downloaded for one thing

Unable to watch the finals live stream because it’s “unavailable in my area” yet my roommate is able to watch it. App is no good.

Does not work

It asks for you to sign in to your tv provider again and again and again. “Dormammu, i’ve come to bargain.........”

Double Standards

It was just as easy for me to delete ABC as it was for them to delete the only show I enjoyed on this network. Goodbye Roseanne, goodbye ABC. Yet you keep “The View”? And your political night time liberals? Really??? Shame on you!

Service provider

Tried adding service provider multiple times and it just locks the app. Horrible now that I can catch up on shows.


Great way to catch up on shows. Crashes a lots

Doesn’t meet industry standard

Compared to the CBS app, Hulu, Netflix, etc. this app stinks. It is slow and locks up all the time.

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