ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes App Reviews

Too many commercials!

Maybe I'm just ruined by other streaming apps which have no commercials, but I feel utterly imprisoned by five and six commercials every few minutes! Ugh!

Great love it

Love it it’s great you can watch you’re shows anytime

Can’t figure out what location I’m in.

This junk app can’t figure out what location I’m in. I’m siting in the Milwaukee area and it keeps picking Chicago channel 7. To which it just bombs out. It will do that for cell and Wi-Fi. Who ever wrote this does not understand location services.

Reauthenticate. 000-028-607

App will not stream episodes of Scandal, the Good Doctor, Designated Survivor, among others. I have deleted and re downloaded app, no help. I have signed in and out of app, no help. And, yes, my provider is a participating entity. The screen shows message "Needs to reauthenticate" and the error code 000-028-607.

it would be perfect if......

i could watch live and get rid of commercials.


Every time an ad plays the app crashes!

ABC is the best!!!!!

I love Scandal ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cable tv

I pay an exorbitant amount of money for cable and their is only one cable company available where I live. Now in order to watch a show that was already aired on abc, I have to pay to watch the shows? What a rip off!! Shameful

Too many ads

Even logged in to your tv provider, there are entirely too many ads.

General Hospital

I love this program! It makes me ill that dish isn't carrying it anymore! Donnie I have to get a DVD/vcr recorder cuz I can't watch it at the time it's on! Now I go thru you than goodness I can still keep up--kinda annoying thou!! Thank you ABC you're the best!!!

Annoying app!

Constantly asks for my cable info everytime I open the app and then it writes "error, tune in later!". No other t.v. app does that! It also plays the same commercials on and on. It also double speaks: it plays the audio and another audio of the same program in different time so I can't hear anything and need to restart my iPad or iPhone. It is so aggravating!!!

Repeats commercials & won’t play show

I have now watched the same six commercials six times in a row... that is 36 commercials in a row. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it continued to only play commercials. My husband installed it and the same thing happened.

Awesome ❤️💕

Let’s say if you are traveling and you feel like watching one of your shows on abc then it’s a he right app for you.😁


The commercials are grueling!

Too many repetitive commercials

It is painful to watch (nearly every break show the same annoying ads). At this point, I’d rather miss episodes than use this app. Too bad because it works well otherwise.

Too many commercials

I love being able to catch up on episodes I’ve missed, but the amount of commercials per episode really spoils it.


The newest update always crashes in the second commercial break of every show. If you try to restart it takes you to where you left off and immediately crashes, essentially making it impossible to watch anything

Too many ads

I love all the wonderful shows however there are too many ads within a short amount of show time. The CW has about 2 ads and longer showtime in between ads; whereas ABC usually has 5 ads; making it frustrating to watch a show. Barbara


Smooth app and all, but the fifth star for me would come if they would equip it with Google Chromecast.

Super worthy!!

Watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal with no problems! Love the app so far!

Great, but wish could give 5 stars🙃

Perfect for throw back shows and saving favorites! Don’t really mind the ads, however, wish viewers could rate the ads with a thumbs up or down.New shows and products👍. Humira and other drug ads👎. Good stable HD and color. Rarely have an internet connection problem.

I like it.

It is a little slow loading but I still enjoy being able to watch on the go.


App freezes or “times out” way to much

Too many commercials

Only complaint would be too many commercials.


I love it

Ads ads ads

All commercials and no shows.

Logging in the tv provider?!?!?!

D shows already have commercial breaks. Then I have to log in to my cable provider? Cmon...this should be free!! Otherwise remove the ads.

Great app

I would given it 5 stars but there's quite a few commercials during a show.

Great App!

Very clear and great variety of shows. The best!

No problems

This app has been steady ever since I have had it on my iPad.

Love to watch on the go and hate commercials

I love the fact I can watch my movies or series at work during breaks or even while I’m waiting for appointments, the only problem is too many pauses or commercials! I really hope they minimize that a notch.

Too many commercials

Great picture but way too many commercials.


I hate that I don't have the option to remove the subtitles and I hate that every time I have to close the app for a moment or so it starts back to the very beginning of the app and makes me reselect the episode I was watching. I also hate there there are so many commercials during the commercial breaks. It's a waste of time having to deal with all of these things.

Not great

Very simple player way too many commercials!!!

Shows are great

I really enjoy the app I can watch my favorite shows anywhere I go..😁

One of the BETTER station apps

Don't have to worry about missing shows. I can watch them when I'm in the mood.


I just love the ABC app. I can watch my show at work


Waste of time!! Stop using! Don't waste your time.

Great App

Great app

Quality graphics

Good work

Too many advertisements!!!

Watched a 55 min show and 30 min of advertising!!!! What the heck there’s about 30 adds on one show!!! Uninstalling !! Watching the rest of the season thru another website that has less advertisement!!

There is no cast option

Last week I could cast to my 65” tv now I can’t and do no want to watch this on my 6in iPad screen.

Too many ads

Too many ads, shouldn't have to log in. Other than that it is good.

Cable Service Issue

I have used this app for a long time without problem. However, any time I attempt logging into my cable to watch blocked episodes, the app shows a loading screen. It ether freezes, takes me out of the app or continues to load without stopping. This is extremely annoying and I would like it to stop.

Abundance of Commercials

I can not even explain to you the number of commercials you have to see when you want to watch 1 show. If you get it do the app and get back in you have to watch 6 commercials and then the show starts again and if you left off before a commercial break, you have to watch another 6 commercials before you get back into your show. I understand there are ads everywhere but 1 or 2 is more then enough. Watch it live or wait for it to go on Netflix.

Commercials are completely overkill

Same repetitive commercials for an hour at a time. I love the shows and the convenience.

more adds please!?

waaay to many adds! more adds then content


Freeze and load

Internet service connection

The only thing I dislike abt this app is the when you reopen the app it doesn’t remember your provider and won’t connect unless you are connected to your home WiFi. NBC and CBS day not have this problem. If there is a fix, and yes my settings are set to use my data, please share!


I swear that there is more advertisements with this app then there are with regular TV. It is ridiculous. If I could give this app 0 stars, I would. I hate this app.

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