ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes App Reviews

To many ads

I don’t Like the idea that he has too many ads and I am trying to watch a movie but it’ll let me and it keeps stopping all the time

the ads are ridiculous

every 5 minutes you’ll get hit with commercial breaks that last over 3 minutes. I get that this is a free app but the price isn’t the issue when the app is this bad. I pay for this channel with my cable and if you need to have people signing in thru their cable provider to prove that they are paying customers and shouldn’t have to spend half the show watching ads, then so be it.

The app is trash!

The app is trash! I’ve been sitting there fo fifteen minutes and nothing I’ve even tried closing the app and opening it again still just sitting there this is and improvement I suggest until it’s fixed it’s a no star from me

Live stream

Nice pretty update about you spend some of that energy and get live stream working for more your competitors NBC and CBS.... that’d be great..thanks!

I Can’t Sign Into Cable Provider!

I have had issues with this problem for 2 months. I contacted support and did all the things they asked. It worked for 1 day and then it stopped working. One support person actually suggested I call Google and ask them to delete ABC from my cable and reinstall it! Why would I have to call Google Fiber to fix the ABC app? FIX THIS PROBLEM!

Can’t watch live TV.

Just let me watch live TV. The rest is in Hulu. Why restrict when I have a cable subscription? Just because of your licensing? App works great, just not useful for me.

App won’t work

My app will not go past the first screen. I open it and it stays on the abc screen.

It’s time to debug your app. Casting live programs doesn’t work

Take a look at your app’s operation. It’s flawed. Casting live programs doesn’t work.

Too many commercials

It’s great that i can watch all my shows but the commercials kill it. 3 commercials should be the max!!!! It deters me from watching more shows this way

No more live stream to chromecast

Using the iPhone app to cast the live stream to my google chromecast stopped working ever since the last update. Non live shows will cast fine, otherwise the live stream just hangs on my phone and never makes it to the google chromecast / tv. Worked fine up until this update.

No Live Feed

App works great and would get 5 stars if they get a live stream for the Jacksonville, Fl area. A paid version like my CBS app with extras and no commercials would be nice.

Very glitchy

I’ve been using this app for quite a while now. It’s been great and working well until the last update. It’s been pretty glitchy. After I connect the app to my tv so I can stream, it’ll load up an ad first, plays part of it, then randomly starts playing another ad, and it just keeps doing this over and over again for quite a while. Then eventually will load up my show and play it. Also, the closed captioning option is not working. I always hit the little icon for that and it doesn’t do anything. It’s also not showing how far into the show I am or show the line on it after it’s over to show that I watched that episode. Please fix and I’ll give a five star. It always worked great before this.

The Doctor

This is a great show! I hope it never goes off the air. I now have my sister hooked on it & we don’t miss a show. Thanks very much & hooray for the person who came up with the idea to have a show like this one!

Location and provider

I’m trying to watch livestream ncaa football. Says location is not available in my area. I’m in Columbus Ohio and using Wow internet I should be able to watch my OSU game. Pls fix this problem.

No service provider

I travel a lot and all I wanted to do was watch the ball game. No service provider in Bakersfield CA. Ruined my day!

Can’t use casting.

Used to be able to cast to a smart TV/Chromecast. Not anymore. You can watch on your phone but the minute you try to cast it says some show is on that was over an hour ago. Plays fine on phone but that’s it. Hope you like a 5 inch screen for football. Super trash.

Great shows

ABC has great shows new and’s my favorite channel.

Love ABC App

It’s so nice to be able to catch up on my shows in the go

Army wives

Love the show but too many commercials!!!!

Consistently requires activation code

Consistently requires activation code

The chew

Ridiculous that you cancelled the show for another news show. News not for me

ABC app stinks

ABC App never works on my Smart TV or Firestick. What is the problem?

No Live Streaming?

I’m in San Antonio and there’s no local station available for streaming? Deleting this app, since I can’t actually watch ABC live shows on it. Waste of time.

So sick of the Oops.....

All I get when trying to watch the live stream is Oops.....code 013-1301-608. I figured this would be resolved but has been this way for years now. It does not matter where or when I try to watch the live stream or which tv subscription I log into. Simple it does not stream live tv!

0 stars

Wish I could give this app 0 stars considering it won’t load the Miss America pageant. It continuously says “we’ll be right back”. Wow thanks ABC


Was having some issues with the app so I submitted some feedback through the app and they were extremely helpful. They got the issue resolved right away. Awesome app!

This app has issues

Every time I try to use ,I get the response no Internet service.I tried deleting the app and opening it back up but I still get the same response of no Internet service.


This app is awful. It tells me that viewing is not available in my area even though I am logged in with my dish password. Doesn’t work at all.

Not all the episodes were there

Not all the episodes were there


its great but way to manny ads more than 40 adds in a episode and there isnt all of the episodes in a season honest opinion not good wouldnt recommend

It’s ok but...

The app is fine but I have an iPhone 6 and the app will not open I have tried multiple times (you need an update)!


I am so frustrated with this app. I’m trying to cast to my tv and it will constantly mess up and go to the wrong spot or start over completely. Won’t let me go back to the spot I was, and it goes through the hmy same ads over and over while I’m trying to find the spot I was in. I am so done.

Loading forever!!!

The app will not load and just keeps showing the ABC logo icon without letting me access anything. YouTube works fine so it’s not internet, and I have restarted my phone multiple times for thirty mins each time.


Too many commercials

App not working

I have iPhone 8. I uploaded the ABC update and now it won’t work. It ask me to chose my local station but does not give me an option to do so. Annoying. 😞

Forces you to log in every time

It’s super annoying. Why can’t the app keep me signed in?

Don’t waste your time

If you don’t have cable TV account this won’t work. Funny, I can watch GMA on OTA TV service, but not through the internet. Waste of download data!

Playing is annoying

When I want to play or pause it’s really annoying that I have to wait for it to come up and then press it again. There shouldn’t be a lag to such a vital function. I expect more from ABC.


Lousy app


I would like to see the shows commercial free!

Big company with big disappointment

What the hell with 6 Ads every 5 min for one single episode? Is this how hungry this company is for money?

why would i want an app that never have streaming available

this is the worst app in the app store, it hasn't changed since i've had iphone 4 now, and after 7 years still haven't added more cities to your list, abc network never have good shows to watch if it wasn't for sports this channel wouldn't even exist pure crap

College football

Any sport but college football in particular never works. When a game is on abc and I am unable to watch on tv, you should be able to watch on the app yet otherwise it says I am always in an ‘unsupported area’. I guess all the US is unsupported?


Tells me to sign in then tells me it doesn’t support my cable! Then says use your local abc and doesn’t exist in my area! How garbage can you be

-1 for lack of streaming

Please work harder to get live streaming in Alabama. Especially during the fall!

Stop closing out!

Every time I go to watch a show it will load then close out. Please fix this.

ABC app

Required to watch way too many commercials in between clips of shows and sometimes you get through the six ads and they make you watch six more. It’s ridiculous. I won’t watch shows on here anymore.


Seriously? Come on... I want to stream sports and I cannot, please add all live games to the app.

Live stream not available in my location.

Alright ABC... I'm trying to stream the Auburn vs Washington football game that is in Atlanta FROM AUBURN, but it says it's not available in my location. I am in a major university town, there is no excuse for this. The app also is slow, but the "unavailable in my location" notice is just ridiculous.

Can watch live tv

I just want to watch buckeye game. Out of town and this won’t let me. Discouraged

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