ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes App revisa

Almost always good

Quite reliable.

World news tonight

This is my favorite show. I look forward to watching every episode!

Not 100% happy

Been trying to watch Bachelor in Paradise, and can’t. Good doctor only has a few episodes doesn’t have all of them.

Availability :(

I don’t understand why this is available ONLY in selected states and cities, that makes no sense. I live in Georgia and have had no trouble with other tv channel apps by signing in with my AT&T-U Verse account I can also still use my Direct TV log-in when the app doesn’t have U-Verse on its list of tv providers. ABC this makes you look GREEDY trying to force people who ALREADY pay for CABLE/satellite service to pay additional fees for full access to your app. This was very disappointing when I downloaded the app and made that discovery.


Please bring back Deception such nice different kind of show !

My new favorite streaming app.

I love that I can choose the interactive ads in lieu of multiple commercials. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to the advertising campaign. I only wish I could provide comments in the feedback after watching the ad.

Issues signing into TV Provider

I actually love this app but since the update to iOS 11.4.1 I am unable to sign into my T.V. Provider. Please fix!!!

Extremely annoying

I have ultra high speed internet and this app still delivers a blurry picture much of the time. The only way to get a decent picture back is to exit the app and re-launch it. However, every time I do this, I am forced to watch yet another ad just to get back to the point where I previously was. Extremely annoying, please fix!


I hope the view stops airing soon as Barbara Walters was a class act! I’m so embarrassed for this show these days. Very disrespectful people on the show these days! These humans are blessed to have a voice because if they lived anywhere else I bet they’d not be amongst the living? I don’t know but didn’t most actors PROMISE TO LEAVE THE USA IF TRUMP BECAME PRESIDENT? Oh, hell no they know they’ve it made here! My disgust is they’re promoting HATE! So, get off the air already. The show is so stupid these days! I loved Barbara bring CLASS BACK or Go away! Please. Ur embarrassing yourselves!

Good luck

Good luck trying to pick up and watch a show where you left off, it will make you watch all 25+ commercials until you get to the point where you last watched. I don’t know how they haven’t fixed this yet

Sometimes Only Season One

If they cut a show off, or your local station has to cut in for weather, don’t download this app to try and finish a show.

Sounds cut off after commercial

The sound sometimes cut off after a commercial. I noticed this too on the Roku app as well.

App awful

This iPad app is awful everyday I have to delete app and start all over again so darn frustrating!!!!!!!! Hope they fix it

Live streaming doesn’t work

Can’t stream live tv. It’s been broken for years; if it ever worked. Makes me wonder if ABC checks to see if their apps even work. Unacceptable...

I’m tired of seeing “Oops, null error”

This app has worked twice for me before it starts popping up with this Oops Null Error. It won’t play anything and is quite frustrating. ABC needs to do whatever CBS is doing with their app because I have no issues with that and streaming.

Doesn’t wrk all the time

It’s great to have the app to watch programs I can’t record but it doesn’t always work properly as it sometimes has Techncial difficulties. Also, if you don’t subscribe to a cable network from your Home base it won’t work, at least not for me. But I do have a cable subscription so it works, It will not work overseas. I gave it 3 stars because these reasons.

ABC app issues

I was live streaming the season finale of The Bachelorette and the app kept freezing during commercials. I stopped and I’ll watch it when the post the episode. Also the app loses sync between the audio and video sometimes when the next show comes on. In my experience the app is becoming less reliable.

ABC app is awesome

Best app for watching your favorite shows! I love splitting up together and American housewife! Greys anatomy IS the best show in this planet! But I can say I’m guilty of watching the bachelor series and spinoffs! A great app to download

Absolutely Useless

Only available in less than 1/8th of the United States. What a HUGE let down. Completely useless. Get with the rest of the century, for God’s sake, and broadcast to the entire country via mobile app.

Not the best at all

This app is definitely not worth it whatsoever unless you live in big cities the live streaming access doesn’t even work

ABC you rock

Reduced commercials is genius and amazing!!

Skip Galoreeeee

When using this app via Chromecast, my shows skip backwards by like 10 minutes EVERY SINGLE TIME they go to commercial break. Disappointing and frustrating.

Buggy on Apple TV

ABC app on Apple TV very problematic. Not letting me sign in using my cable provider. Tried on 2 different Apple TV’s. Get it together, ABC.

Too Many Ads

Can’t enjoy the content because every five to 7 minutes you have to choose between ad choices. It’s the same 5 ads over and over again. So aggravating

ABC app

When you can’t get to your televisions this works well. I wish episodes posted sooner

No way!

I refuse to be at the mercy of your commercials. Such gaudy, garbage being touted as what Americans are like Is shameful. I love some of your programs, but I won’t put up with multiple, long winded,stupidity.

ABC ❤️

I absolutely love the ABC app but the reason I gave it only four stars is because of the commercials and adds. They are ANNOYING. ABC should fix this so their users can use with much more enjoyment. Other than that I LOVE being able to catch up on my favorite tv shows on the go. Thanks ABC!

Great app but..

first of all this app is pretty nice, it works great and is never slow! but the main reason i downloaded it was to watch the good doctor, i was so excited to watch it, but when i looked at the episodes they were scattered. It went from episode 1,7,11,15 so i was missing huge chunks of the season. i am not mad but more confused.

ABC Sneaks In More Advertising

Honesty Why Would ABC shows how many Ads that they insert than advertising by how many numbers they Run? From shrinking the screen size of advertising of two of their ads and not counting those as well from their regular full screen ads? For instance, 1-4 bottom left. Then they insert 2more ads but those ads are not full size but they don't count! That is a total of 6 ads instead of 4!😡 Shame on You ABC! More and More Ads Everyday! Will have to rely on recording programs thru my VCR from now on!

Unable to watch

I thought I could watch recent episodes 24 hours after they aired, but I am locked out of most everything I want to see. Yesterday I could view shows one week after they aired. Today I get a message that I am not allowed to view content. Is this the app or a Google Fiber issue? When it worked for me, I really enjoyed the programming.


I think it great I can watch my soaps at work at break time at night. I wish that the Jason and Sam were just Jason and Sam not the whole shoe


Thank you I love the App and the streaming or connection kinks seem to be perfected! The one miserable part is the long repetitive commercials That’s why I can’t give 5 stars The situation stops me from viewing because there are too many commercials 6to7 is just painful and frankly don’t have time for that many and they are the same ones each break which happens too often in the show. Lately I have watched a couple shows because there was the option to do the cool Lexus interactive advertising which allowed me to skip the 6-7 ad interruptions every 10 min or so which was doable for me and heavenly in comparison ! But honestly prior to that option I quit using the app because the constant long ads were too grueling and literally just don’t have time like that. Thank you so much

30 second ad option is a lie

The option to pick a 30 second interactive ad for the entire episode instead of the typical commercials every 10 minutes during the episode is a lie. You pick that option and still watch the same amount of commercials. If you are going to market that feature of a single interactive commercial, make sure you deliver.

Problem with pop up saying I’m out of the country and I’m not

Will not allow access to this app as it shows I’m out of the country when I’m not out of the country.


Just updated the app and now I can’t watch anything that I was watching before the update! How do I fix this???? Error message is “oops null”.

Too many commercials

U still need to sign in to your cable provider a account, I can watch it on tv, what is the point? More commercial than regular tv.

Oops! Needs To Re-Authenticate. Ok.....

That’s the error I receive 90% of the time I try to watch anything on this app....then it gives me no place to re-authenticate. However, when I go to settings it shows my provider. I have let it sit and spin to re-authenticate for an hour yet it’s still spinning! Grrr!

My Location

This app does not support my location for live viewing under my TV Provider Direct TV so, I give this app a one star. When it’s available for my location in Deltona, Fl. With Direct TV then I will give the stars it deserves.

You better love commercials

If you use this app, be prepared to see 6 to 7 ads between every 5 minutes or less of programming. While all the network apps show commercials, this is definitely the worst one.

ABC on the GO!

We love having the ABC app on our devices. Not missing an episode of General Hospital is such a plus!

No way to turn off subtitles on iPhone.

I can turn them if just fine on my iPad. But on both my brand new iPhone 8 and my old iPhone SE, tapping the subtitles icon in the lower right corner does nothing.

You say I am not American

Sorry that your app feels that I can not watch you due to (err 1002) not being in U.S.A , let me tell you this I am not only an AMERICAN but I am an AMERICAN VETERAN so just because you thank that dose not make you right but makes you un-American my book.

Pretty good

I don’t really like it because it would be nice if you could watch all the episodes of a show like the good doctor instead of having the full season they cut out at least ten episodes also for shows that don’t have new episodes they should have all the seasons

Wow ABC... Wow😎

I have too say, ABC I absolutely love this app!

Worst TV network app of them all

ABC offers the least to their viewers, makes it overly difficult to stream live shows/events, and isn’t available where every other network is available. Haven’t had a good experience with this App.


I love this app soooo much! I got to watch my favorite shows completely free for sooo long and after I put in my tv service provider it got better!!! This app is totally awesome weather you have tv service or not!

Live stream doesn't work in Dallas

Live stream does not work in Dallas


Why is this show no longer available on the app?????

Don’t have TV provider can’t watch anything

Don’t get this app if you don’t pay someone for your tv service. The app will not let you watch a single episode of ANYTHING if you don’t provide a login for your tv provider. Before the latest update I could at least watch a few episodes of different shows and I was fine with that, but after the latest update there is literally nothing I can watch. I spent several minutes trying different shows just to see if anything would play and no, not a single episode. So I’m deleting the app. Don’t waste your time.

Very annoying

The screen continually freezes and then stays blurry for a good 30 seconds. Giving me a headache to watch.

Started off well

Started off well the first week or so I had it downloaded… And then all of a sudden I would use it and it wouldn’t even open it would just display it’s ABC icon on the screen and nothing ever happened. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and closing it and re-opening it and it didn’t work.

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